About Us

Clearway offers a modern solution to a growing problem - the world needs more reliable, affordable, and clean energy. We imagine a world powered by clean energy, where community members themselves are invested in that future by leasing land to build wind, solar, and battery storage projects that generate home-grown, low-cost clean energy.

Empowering farmers and landowners to generate consistent income while supporting their community is part of a virtuous cycle where everyone wins. We create a best-in-class experience for long-term partnerships based on mutual respect and infinite possibility.

What We Offer

As one of the largest clean energy companies in the United States, Clearway is involved in every step of our projects. From development and construction to management and operations, we directly oversee every stage of the life cycle of a project.  We’re committed to transparency and inclusiveness, putting our focus on how we can be of service to the community, permitting agencies, utilities, and you.

Our Commitment to the Land

With little to no impact on the land, air, and water, hosting solar and wind energy projects is one of the least invasive ways to use land. It also creates an opportunity to regenerate the land. In many places around solar panels and wind turbines, we plant vegetation that renews the topsoil, plant pollinator plants, and combine other sustainable agricultural practices with energy generation. 

Clearway Partners Help Us Generate Impact

Want to make a big difference in your community? Leasing your land can bring in stable income to your family while helping to generate more affordable clean energy for your community and beyond. From a stronger economy, new tax revenue, and more jobs created, your land can play a central role in your community’s future.